Solana Cash
What is Solana Cash
Connecting the world through one global payment system.
Solana Cash is a decentralized global payment system that aims to accelerate the adoption of the Solana network around the world by adding more transaction capacity to the network.
With Solana being one of the fastest blockchain, our mission is to make the technology widely accessible to the masses through our core products by developing user friendly mobile apps to facilitate peer to peer payment system enabling users to send and receive funds securely with less than $0.001 in transaction fees.
Solana cash focuses on cross-chain technology to bridge the gap between global financial system through crypto currency by enabling multi-connectivity between Solana cash and various blockchains, thereby increasing interoperability all on one single platform.
With the Implementation of Solcard, Solana cash aims to be a fully decentralized financial institution backed by different financial products to reform Defi in variety of ways. Solcard will be available to qualified users of our mobile app to facilitate.
40% of our total supply is allocated towards our excessive reward system vested daily for the period of 20 Years. These tokens are distributed to users of our mobile app as rewards based on the total number of daily transactions initiated by each user, which backs up our mission statement of adding more transaction capacity to the Solana network. More details on the reward system will be announced in the near future.
Core Ecosystems include:
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    Solana Cash App
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
  4. 4.
    Token Bridge
  5. 5.
    P2P D'app
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